Testimonies of hope and Healing

I Was Ashamed

"My abortion happened 35 years ago. I was ashamed and afraid of what people would think of me. I have been to confession but it wasn't until I met other women who understood what I was going through and God's incredible mercy through Hope and Healing that I was able to lift the incredible burden from myself."

Walk Through The Door

"I was afraid to come to a Day of Healing because I thought everyone was going to judge me. I was so ashamed. As I pulled into the parking lot, I was too afraid to go inside so I called my friend. I was grateful because she helped me have the courage to get out of my car and walk through the door. When I did, my whole life changed and His merciful love surrounded my heart. I knew I was forgiven and I felt so safe to share this deep, dark wound that had haunted years of my life. The Lord is so loving and gentle and I’m grateful that I walked through the door that day because it has given me new eyes to see. Jesus, I trust in you!"